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I'm Cynthia Yorro and what drives me are things that I am most passionate about which are Fitness; Faith & my Vegan Lifestyle; Personal Training; being a Chef & Dietician as well as the amazing Organic Spray Tanning service I launched in 2016.  For more about me, please be sure to follow me on Instagram and check out my InstaStory for more of what I am most passionate about.  Thank you in advance for showing my page some love. 


I truly enjoy teaching my fitness classes.  Who doesn't get fired up when they are in an atmosphere of electrifying energy-packed classes filled with some of the most incredible people ever!  Find out how you too can get fit with me and a few fired up folks:  Don't waste another day by saying maybe next week I'll do it. Been there done that.  No judgement; rooting for you along with each person in my group training class.  Come see for yourself.  I'm tough yet it's all for the love of an even more amazing you; me & the others working it with us. 


Personal Training has been a blessing in that with each client; brings an entirely new journey filled with endless opportunities for growth on a multitude of levels. Mind, body and soul are the goals: Book me today and let's inspire each other to train for an even more amazing you & me!  #wearebettertogether #yougrowandigrow


My expertise and services include never-limited to the following:

One on One Training

Online Training/Meal Planning

Bikini Competitor Coaching 12 weeks, 14 weeks & 16 weeks Programs

Group Workout Sessions

Fitness Event Parties

Organic Spray Tanning Sunless Packages


Everywhere in these New York & New Jersey streets!  Bookings available for Out-of-State events.  Please E-mail booking inquiry deets!

Tel: 516-563-9461

General Inquiries:

Bookings for Events; Speaking & Hosting:

Sponsorships; Collaboration & Partnerships:


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